Our green thread.

Our company creates sustainable, modular buildings for the future. Sustainability is in all respects our basic idea. Our goal is to deliver a better living and a better world for future generations.

We design and produce healthy accommodations without higher cost than a traditional construction. This is done by using the latest technology in solar, hydrogen and battery solutions. We use technical solutions that provide diffusion opening outer walls, with solid wood in the innermost layer, combined with balanced ventilation with high recovery rates. The architecture must be adapted to the environment and must be modern, whilst maintaining the Nordic tradition. We supply modules to the B2B market in Scandinavia with focus on Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 

The objective is to choose the mode of transport that produces the lowest emissions possible. Railway, battery hybrid or hydrogen-powered ships and lorries will be of preference. The goal is that our subcontractors will also provide low-emissions transport. The green profile and environmentally friendly mindset should be a natural part of daily work.

We should be selected as a project partner thanks to the combination of the above parameters with good and modern design solutions. We will have high quality production so that the modules can be mounted quickly and precisely on the construction site. This creates the prerequisites for making the road from construction to "key ready" as short as possible.